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The Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota is located on the banks of Lake Tota in the department of Boyacá, where most visitors arrive by car.

To get to the hotel from Bogotá, you must leave the city by the Autopista Norte, taking the main road that leads to the department of Boyacá, specifically to the city of Sogamoso, from where you must take the road to the municipality of Aquitania by El Crucero , At which point (El Crucero) you should take the turnoff to the right and about 5Km from that turnoff on the main road you will find our hotel.

From the city of Bogota to the Hotel Rancho Tota, there are more or less 270 Km of distance, which represent in time about 4 hours of travel, along which you will find some of the most beautiful landscapes of our department and will cross Municipalities such as Paipa, Duitama, Tibasosa and / or Nobsa.