Protection of Minors and Natural and Cultural Heritage

In accordance to the Sustainability Policy, Hotel Refugio Rancho Total complies with the following legislation:


Law 679 of 2011, about the Commercial Sex Exploitation of boys, girls and teens (ESCNNA, by its initials in Spanish). We abide to a code of conduct marked by refraining the promotion of touristic programs, providing information and refusing entry to our premises to those individuals involved in child trafficking. We are committed to adopt measures aimed at preventing the Commercial Sex Exploitation of boys, girls and teens. It is for this reason that in compliance of the law, we require boy and girls checking in at the hotel to present a valid ID. In case of not being with their parents, their guardians must have with them all valid permits.


Similarly, Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota conforms to all binding legislation regarding the protection of natural (animal, vegetal, mineral and paleontological) and cultural Heritage