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At Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota ...

We firmly believe that cultural, economic and social growth of the community is strongly correlated to healthiness and the environment. As a result, we are committed to protect, reduce, mitigate and control any kind of environmental impact generated, by implementing prevention, correction and improvement plans. This commitment is aligned with the sustainability strategies and environmental principles that govern our relationship with employees, suppliers, clients and guests


Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota is a business that provides touristic services. Powered by its team of qualified employees, It is fully committed to satisfy with joy the needs for relaxation, comfort, tranquility, leisure, adventure and culture of our clients from various market segments. The above by being honest, respectful of the community and protecting the environment, as we are established in one of the most important water-rich havens of the country


Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota will set itself 5 years ahead of the competition, by being always a leading hotel in the region through permanent innovation in its operations, facilities, training and development of our human resources and personalized customer service aimed at achieving high standers of quality and satisfaction in our guests. We will be forerunners in the development of outstanding practices regarding the management of environmental, socio-economic and cultural resources, with the objective of preserving our ecosystem for the benefit of future generations.